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"Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will" - Unknown (via xasty)

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dreamsrunninwild asked: :)

Ok, je vais te parler en francais ;) hahhaa im gonna talk to you in french

Anonymous asked: I know that the pain seems unbearable but keep fighting. Keep fighting and fighting and fighting and when you don't feel like fighting anymore, fight some more because I know you've got it in you still. You're going to be okay. The aches will go away and you'll feel yourself climbing instead of slipping. You'll conquer this mountain and the next. I know you will. Don't give up! The sun's not far!

Thank you, i’m not giving up. Well for me i am and i would . Im not for others ill try to hold on for others i dont want to hurt them more than they are already. Thabk you .. Ill try..

Anonymous asked: Your icon is absolutely perfect, you are gorgeous!

You are crazy. Xxx

Anonymous asked: Your blog needs more photos of your cheeky smile, it's gorgeous!

Thank you.. :/

These past few days


I feel stuck, unhappy and uncomfortable.

I wish that I could just disappear.

My bones ache, my stomach nauseous.
I think Iā€™m slipping back into my depression.

Im exhausted.

Kill me..

A class talking about suicide today… How great.

Sometime i just want to fall asleep and never wake up.. Many times* lol..

Since I’ve been eating much better these past few weeks, I’ve been feeling like I look better. I don’t know if I actually do or if I just feel good and positive because of my healthy eating, but either way I’m not hating on my body so much at the moment and it feels good! I sometimes look in the mirror and think that I haven’t really changed at all since I started all of this, but then I think back to how I felt before when I looked in the mirror and I know I’ve made a change. Whether it’s a change in the way I see myself, or a change in my actual body, I’ve made progress either way and I think that’s something to be proud of! :)
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